Expansion Packs

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Expansion Packs

Post by Ms.Simmons on Wed 07 Nov 2012, 00:42

I'm sorry if I'm repeating someone else question but I couldn't find anything on the subject and I'm a little confused.

After I've downloaded all of the games and expansions I want (and everything works great thank you so much!!!) how do I download another expansion pack? like when the sims3 seasons is available do I just follow the original instructions? because those instructions seem to apply to someone who is downloading for the first time.


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Re: Expansion Packs

Post by Dracos66 on Wed 07 Nov 2012, 02:23

When Seasons is released we should have it available fairly quickly afterwards here, then you will need to apply whatever patch is released with it (preferably with the manual patch) and redo the Ultimate Fix according to its directions. The steps for applying the Ultimate Fix usually stay the same for each release but do pay attention in case it ever changes.


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