Troubles with installing Pets

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Troubles with installing Pets

Post by retrofairytales on Thu 08 Nov 2012, 12:45

I've used your torrents every time i've had to install expansions, and never had any problems. If I've had, the Sims 3 Ultimate Fix has solved it all. But this time when I was installing Pets, with 10% left of the installation, it says I have to put in the disk that contains the file Support/Readme/no/no_EULA.rtf. Never happened before, so I really don't know what to do. The others I have installed so far has been problemfree, and the previous times I've installed Pets, nothing like that has happened.

Would be really grateful for input on this one. Smile


No, actually, never mind. Just occured to me that there is another
version that is fixed, so I'm gonna try that one. I'll get back to you
if that doesn't work either, haha.


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Re: Troubles with installing Pets

Post by Webmaster on Thu 08 Nov 2012, 22:03



Windows version :
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

System architecture :
  • 32 bits (x86)
  • 64 bits (x64)

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