BlackBox Installr

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BlackBox Installr

Post by Gr0w1 on Sun 11 Nov 2012, 18:45

I have searched the forums as best i can and found somebody having similar issues however slightly different.
I have installed sims3 using Blackbox custom installer which organises games into different file paths than described in your previous fixes.
I am wanting to update the game to install supernatural, however when the game updates it asks me to re-install the base game and I am getting stuck at this point.
I have no tried both of the patches available on this site however after using both of these the game requires a re-install of the base game therefore taking another 45 minutes.
After 3 days of trawling the internet I have stumbled across this site, I hope somebody is available to help me at all?

I will happily post screens if required.
I think i need to somehow transform the install path back to the regular style rather than this modified layout from one of their re-packs to avoid further future problems.

I thank you all in advance for any help you cn provide Help Noob


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Re: BlackBox Installr

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Mon 12 Nov 2012, 09:52


Unfortunately there are all kinds of issues involved with a modified installer. You have 3 options:
-See if this topic is any help at all;
-Wait for Admin's reply;
-Or uninstall the blackbox edition and get separate base game and expansion/stuffpack files.

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