Books/Elixirs not available to buy

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Books/Elixirs not available to buy

Post by asdfno on Wed 14 Nov 2012, 02:22

I have no CC, my game is patched.
The library has no skill books(This includes recipes, guitar books, fishing books, elixir recipes, toddler skill books). The bookstore has no books at all. All the skill books are missing from my sims' bookshelves. Also, when at the Elixir Store, my sim converses with the clerk, her entire queue empties, and it never opens the buy menu. This has only been happening since I got Supernatural.
The town I'm using is Bridgeport, which had books before SPN. I'm using the same family as before I installed it, but I tried using other new sims families in different towns and that didn't fix it.
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled my game.
Anyone know of any fixes?


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