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Post by lhordronald on Wed 14 Nov 2012, 04:12

It has been a long while
Scanning the internet once in a while
Looking for answers
That seems to bother

Until a day
Found another way
To leech and seed
And get games indeed

Games for the World
Makes your gaming experience bold
Keeps people from losing gold
Due to indiscriminate costs of games withheld

O developers and publishers,
If only your games costs a little less
And keep yourself from making wallets sore
Pirating and torrenting
Shall be nothing but a piece of imagination

LOL trying hard I guess, hahahaha BTW Thank you G4TW!!! Awesome Emote


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Re: Gratitude

Post by Webmaster on Wed 14 Nov 2012, 15:44

Hi there,

Wow, that was kind of... well... don't get those a lot, but it was awesome!
Thank you for your beautiful poem!

You know where to find us if you need help with anything, ever!

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