CC not showing up (sims3pack & package)

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CC not showing up (sims3pack & package)

Post by alindemann on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 15:47

Hey there,
After lots of happy simming provided by you guys, I've been having problems getting my custom content to show up. Even the .sims3pack stuff that was successfully installed by the launcher don't show up in the game at all. Except for the first neighborhood I installed (Pounawea), which makes it even weirder.
The .package files don't show up either. I'm quite sure I have it all set up correctly with the Mods/Packages folder and the Resource.cfg file in my Sims 3 root folder since I've had no problems with it in my last install (I recently deleted all my Sims 3 games and reinstalled most of the EPs and SPs up to Seasons).
I've tried uninstailling all the CCs and installing them again. I have not checked that "disable CC" box.
Any help would be appreciated Smile
Thank you!

//edit: I'm attaching a launcher screenshot:

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Windows version :
  • Windows 7

System architecture :
  • 64 bits (x64)

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Re: CC not showing up (sims3pack & package)

Post by antiskub on Tue 27 Nov 2012, 00:23

Have you used the G4TW store fix?

Have you tried checking "disable CC", running the game, exiting, then unchecking the box? (This sounds kind of dumb, but it worked for me at some point when CC items weren't showing up in the game.)
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