im desperate. cant uninstall need to reinstall. [SOLVED]

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im desperate. cant uninstall need to reinstall. [SOLVED]

Post by Neaschletenram on Mon 26 Nov 2012, 18:35

so firstly.. ive been lurking on this forum for about a year now. im so glad i found it as its always had the right solutions to my problems ,3
but now im getting really desperate for help now i dont know what to do and im getting so lost with everything.

I got it working again thanks to your tutorials on how to delete old files from the directory.

i had sims 3 with all expansions installed but with the latest update 1.42 my caw stopped working properly couldnt get my world to show up in game read on forums about un packing the file and moving into the gaedata folder blabla i didnt have a game data folder so it still didnt work.
however last night (sunday) night i was moving my sims 3 folder to another harddrive,note not the folder where the game is installed the folder from my documents ( i have done this before so i knew what i was doing) but my brain failed and i accidently deleted everything. i got all my stuff back by using recuva but it was all taken out of their belonging folders. so i just moved some packages files and sims into the new folder location and the game worked fine.
but i wanted to go back into caw and work on my world thinking i could just wait for a crack/patch that could fix it for me later.
this is where it all went wrong. i got pissed that it didnt work so i started fiddling around in the program ( with help from a friend that has knowledge of sims) and before we knew it, it all stopped working.
i uninstalled all my sims games and today (monday) i installed everything up to showtime. so far it worked fine i tried every now and then to go into the game and make a sim and save and it all worked. but i could not install supernatural for some reason something about the game not being capable.
so i left it how it was with showtime being the last installed. but when i tried going back into game it didnt work again.
so i uninstalled everything and tried again. installed sims 3 without ea download manager. and it didnt work reinstalled it with the download manager and it worked. but when i was gonna save the game it said error 15.
i got pissed uninstalled it again and downloaded a boundle pack with all exp up to the kate perry one.
it installed but i couldnt play it. the game said that the base game is not compatible with the latest expansion.
i tried with the fixes from this site and after everything it just said there was an error please reinstall the sims 3.

so i uninstalled the bundle from the start up meny as it didnt show up in the control panel.
but now all the expansions pack are there and i cant uninstall them,something not having access. so i signed in as admin and tried againn and it says the same thing.

i really really need help how do i get the files uninstalled and i also need help with installing it again as im doing something wrong but i cant figure out what it is.

sorry for the massive post.


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Re: im desperate. cant uninstall need to reinstall. [SOLVED]

Post by Webmaster on Wed 28 Nov 2012, 20:26


Sorry for the late reply!
Enjoy the game and please let us know if you need any more assistance!

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