Can't Play after installing

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Can't Play after installing

Post by guneruh on Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:20 pm

Well, im starting to be sick of this. I already installed and uninstalled a ton of times as in the manual says.

The last time i tried it: First i Downloaded The sims 3 and installed it. Then Seasons. When i installed seasons, the game autoupdated to the latest patch (i also tried installing the manual patch after that, but it says the game has already the latest version). After installing i opened the #crack file of the ultimate fix. i cut and pasted it the .exe and the .dll files on the BIN file of the Base game's file (in spanish: Archivos de programa/Electronic Arts/ Los sims 3/ Game/Bin.

It appeared an error "Service initialization failed 0x0175dcbb"

In another sims crack website i read that changing the Default.ini GameVersion = to GameVersion = may work.

I didnt with both seasons game file and base game file. it worked... at half. now the game says that the game license is outdated.

If i change the version back to 002 or 001, the game once again says that theres a service initialization failed.

WTF did i do wrong? i tried a lot of things to make it work, such as coping also the "TS3.exe" file to the base game. it doesn't work, the game launches another error if i try to open the game from that .exe.

Im starting to get pissed off because i already downloaded like 5-6 times ALL the expansion packs, because when i install them i have to erase the installers because i don't have enough hard drive disk.


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Re: Can't Play after installing

Post by Webmaster on Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:52 pm


Sorry for the late reply!
Please RE-DO step 2 to 4 and re-download the the Ultimate Fix here (You may use your previously downloaded manual patch for version 1.42):
Even if you already did so, please do again now. Also, if the patch says you're already on version 1.42, just click "Yes" and re-patch the game.

After doing so, try to start the game via the launcher. It probably gives the "Error during startup "error, right? If yes, please do as follows:

Let us know the result, good luck!

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