Sims 3 freezes.[SOLVED]

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Sims 3 freezes.[SOLVED]

Post by Royalis on Mon 03 Dec 2012, 06:15


First of all some info that might help solve the problem:

- I run The Sims 3 V1.42 (I think, because on the bottom of the launcher it sais: Version
- I have the following expansions installed: World Atvantures, High end loft stuff, Ambitions, Fast lane stuff, Late night, Outdoor living stuff, Generations, Town Life stuff.
- PC specs: Windows 7 home premium, Intel Core i3-2120 PCU @ 3.30GHz (4PCU's) ~ 3,3GHz, 6144 RAM, AMD Radion HD 6570 video card

My problem:

The game always freezes badly after 30/60 minutes of gameplay. It will freeze for about 10/30 seconds, then continue for 5 secs and freezes again (for the same amount of time). I play the game @ average settings.

Hope I gave you enough info to help me solve the problem. Note: I'm from The Netherlands so my english could be a bit off.

Thanks in advance,



problem solved

I entered the cheat mode (by ctrl+shift+c), typt in: resetsim and the freeze is gone. I can even play on high graphical settings without any problems.

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Re: Sims 3 freezes.[SOLVED]

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Mon 03 Dec 2012, 12:03


You can have a look here for other solutions if the problem returns.
Don't hesitate to post if you have questions or problems again.
Happy simming The Sims Plumbob 1 topic closed.

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