Problem with "Service initialization failed (0x024e424f)" error message

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Problem with "Service initialization failed (0x024e424f)" error message

Post by chibi1091 on Thu 13 Dec 2012, 05:57

So I just made my account today...I'm brand new and love this site so much already. You guys are wonderful. Thanks a lot Admin!

But I also am having a problem with that "Service initialization failed (0x024e424f)" error message. I already read your exact steps for loading the expansions properly. I already had my base game (not from your site but still worked well) updated to 1.42. I installed your expansions (very easy btw...thanks so much =D!). And then I did the Ultimate Fix #Crack file moves to the Sims 3 Bin game file. I hadn't done the patch update step because I had start with 1.42.

Welll...I started the game and sadly got that error message. After I cursed whatever went wrong (darn them), I notice that the version code on my launcher was 16...something and wasn't 1.42 anymore. So now I'm following that manual patch step and remaking my version 1.42, and then I'll try the #Crack from the Ultimate Fix again. I'm not sure this will fix it or even what the problem was, but I wanted to get feedback (especially from the Admin and his non-newb counterparts)

Btw, I'm a TOTAL newb...this is the first time I've ever done this ever, and I feel like you guys have helped me learn a lot. Thank you!!


And now the patching seems frozen on "Patching... Packaged/Library/mediumMission_a.package"....=(. I'm going to let it load and hope it may be done when I wake up.

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Re: Problem with "Service initialization failed (0x024e424f)" error message

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Thu 13 Dec 2012, 11:30


The 16.xx number you mention is your launcher version, your base game version should still be 1.42. You could hover your mouse pointer over the base game icon in the launcher if you want to make sure. The launcher version doesn't really mean much since it's value depends on which EP/SP's you have installed and their individual game versions, as well as your game region.
Are you using mods? This particular service initialization error can also come up if one (or more) of your mods is outdated.

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