Saparate Patch and the actual game. [CLOSED]

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Saparate Patch and the actual game. [CLOSED]

Post by regencydx on Fri 14 Dec 2012, 06:50

here's only complaint i have on Gamers4theworld  packed sims 3 game

you know it's a good idea every-time if sims 3 game release some of us already patched the game 1.42, which make the original patch that were given by this website felt unnecessary, it's hogging the memory when i took out the patch the actual memory was alot smaller then the full release.

Here's an idea i think it's ideal to separate Each SP Patches in category like sections so its easy to find one even when the patch isn't included. that way it's quick and less tedious to to convert the file into iso files.

what  i mean by saparate like this [ by removing the patch out from the disc it's gonna save tons of space on the hardrive]

Category > Torrent > Sims 3 Patches
Category 1 > Torrent > Sims 3 Base [ versions]
Category 2 > Torrent > Sims 3 Expansion pack [ verison ]
Unsorted Category Prefix [ Oldest Patch]

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Re: Saparate Patch and the actual game. [CLOSED]

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Fri 14 Dec 2012, 08:01


Most people won't have patched yet though, if the patch is released not long before the EP will be. Since most of the users here prefer the crack and there usually isn't a new crack available till after the new EP is out. We have the NOCD mod you mentioned in your intro listed as an alternative but it didn't work for everyone. Don't know why.

As you may have noticed though, Admin has managed to downsize the torrents and our newer releases are much smaller than the older ones. G4TW doesn't use ISO's though (our way is easier), except for the base game, and older patches are obsolete, so it would not be useful to make separate files for each EP/SP's patch.
And finally, it's impossible to to change the existing downloads. They're out there, and can't be modified.

I hope this has clarified things and if it didn't, please let us know.

Moderator edit: This is closed.

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