Launcher or Game won't open. Only Origin

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Launcher or Game won't open. Only Origin

Post by VibrantSausage on Sat 22 Dec 2012, 23:32

Hello all, hopefully I'm posting in the correct area, I'm entirely new to this ...
But anyhoot, I've just recently come across an issue that's bugging me to death concerning the Sims3.

I've bought the base game & installed Origin along with it and also pirated all of its expansions, except Supernatural, from you guys and have applied the fix & such, and the game has worked fine (save for lag, but that's a different issue I'll worry about.) but as of a few hours ago, when I go to open the Launcher, whether it's from Game Booster or from just running the .exe as an admin, all that pops up is Origin, the launcher never shows up. I've even tried just using the ts3w.exe to skip the launcher process, but whenever I've done that, the launcher would still show up, until now of course. So even though Origin is the sole program that shows up, I can't even access the game from clicking the Sims 3 base game from there. I've lurked around here and google for a good hour and a half and I haven't found any answers for my issue and I'm at a loss as to what I should do. My basic question here is how to get the Launcher to show back up, or how to skip it all together.
I have no mods either, if that helps at all.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Re: Launcher or Game won't open. Only Origin

Post by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ on Sun 23 Dec 2012, 10:08


Welcome to the forum.

It irks me that the launcher shows up when you click TS3W.exe. That can't really happen unless you're using a shortcut and someone changed where it points to.

I think the first thing you should try is steps 2-4 on this page.

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