a few things. [CLOSED]

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a few things. [CLOSED]

Post by simlygirl on Mon 28 Mar 2011, 23:12


In my introductiontopic I asked if there were any more dutchies like me on the forum. It's very hard to find them right now, 'cause everyone is talking English. Is it possible to add an extra profile field (dropbox) for countries, and make it possible to sort members on country (like you can do with 'humor' already). Well, I'm not sure if it really adds something, but it's at least nice to know ^^.

Apart from that:
I can see moderator-, Games4theworld Elite 10-, VIP-, testers-, developers- and Admin area on the forum index. It's not possible for me to enter any of them, but I wonder if they are all visible for a reason. Because in the current situation, everyone can read the topic titles (which might be undesirable in some situations), and I know that on phpbb3-based forums, it's fairly easy to solv that. =)


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Re: a few things. [CLOSED]

Post by Adwomin on Tue 29 Mar 2011, 10:38

Hi there,

It is possible to make a new Forum for each (most used) language, where people can "chat" with each other, but that'd make the Forum too busy.
Maybe I have an other idea that may work. I'll work on it later, OK?

Yes, those are Special ranks area's where only people of that group can enter. For example, only Moderators can enter the "Moderator area" and only VIP's the "VIP area".
I cán hide those Forums, but I left them there for everyone to see on purpose. First of all we have nothing to hide from you, you know. Secondly, it's so that everyone can see which ranks we have and which Forums you can enter with them.

Bonsoir, friend.

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