Will the "unauthorized copy" message keep me from playing?

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Will the "unauthorized copy" message keep me from playing?

Post by chibi1091 on Thu 27 Dec 2012, 00:36

So I got all of the expansions from this website already. It was so easy and so awesome! But then I downloaded custom content that made my game freeze like crazy. It became so bad that it would all just stay frozen and I would have to shut down my laptop.

Now I'm trying to reinstall. The first time I did not get the base game from your website, so this time the setup for it is totally new for me. With the torrent downloading, I haven't been installing everything in order. I tried to install Pets, but it said that:
"The version of The Sims™ 3 installed is not updatable and is not compatible with The Sims™ 3 Pets"

Update 1

I realized that I made a huge error installing the base game, so I uninstalled everything and fixed that.

Update 2

After installing Late Night and no other EPs, I got the "unauthorized game" message on the launcher. That message only appeared after installing Late Night. It let me update, but the update failed =(. I cleared my history, cache, and cookies, but that didn't help the "unauthorized" thing. I tried installing Pets again and it gave me the same message...I was looking on the forum, so now I'm wondering is the base game download here really incompatible with Mac? I tried the link in the pdf Mac guide and it's not working. Could anyone provide any others?

Update 3

So I uninstalled Late Night and did your manual update on the base game, then I tried to install Pets and it worked. BUT I still have that unauthorized message. I'm not at all interested in registering or having and account, so that's fine with me if the game will run well and everything. Will it? =(

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Re: Will the "unauthorized copy" message keep me from playing?

Post by Webmaster on Fri 28 Dec 2012, 10:50


You need at least one of the expansion packs released after and including The Sims 3: Generations: http://games4theworld.bestgoo.com/t1171-must-read-how-to-install-the-sims-3-correctly

Try installing one of those first and then continuing with the instructions on that page: download the Mac manual patch and the Mac version of the Ultimate Fix.

Good luck!



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