Saving Error!!! (Error 12)

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Saving Error!!! (Error 12)

Post by timzhawk on Sat 29 Dec 2012, 10:21

Sometime when i want to save my sims 3 game it shows the error 12 message and it doesn't save my progress and yes i have used the twallan's mod and that is the error trap one. I tried to backup the saves file then delete the saves in the my documents and then save my game but it's still happening, p.s after i installed the error trap mod i had a several successful saves and this is my first time showing an error 12 with the error trap installed. HELP!? I want to save my game smoothly and consistently like always.


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Re: Saving Error!!! (Error 12)

Post by hexorcist on Sat 29 Dec 2012, 12:12

Error 12 generally happens on 32bit systems where there is a stricter memory limitation. One workaround that has worked for a few people is to manually increase the amount of virtual memory available to Windows, thus the game. Since we don't know what version of windows you're using, it would be best for you to google "increase pagefile [windows version]" to find a guide on how to increase your virtual memory.

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