Store Content Patch and Simport

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Store Content Patch and Simport

Post by chickenluver on Sun 30 Dec 2012, 21:05


I successfully downloaded Sims 3 Very Happy but I have some questions. XD

So, is it okay to update the New Store Content Patch? And, how do you make an Sims account so that you can use simport? D= I tried many times but the Serial won't go through. Or is it not possible?

Help Noob

Thank you!


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Re: Store Content Patch and Simport

Post by antiskub on Mon 31 Dec 2012, 23:07

It should be okay to update... but it's up to you.

To make an account on the Sims 3 site, you don't actually need a serial code. It's an optional field. At least when I look at the form here:
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