Non-final Unauthorized copy of sims 3

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Non-final Unauthorized copy of sims 3

Post by chickenluver on Tue 01 Jan 2013, 11:05


Everything was going great for a few days until one day, after I finished downloading some custom content, a heartbreaking message suddenly appeared in the launcher.
What happened:
So basically, I was just putting some .package in the Mods folder like a normal person and then when I was done, I clicked the launcher and this
"You are playing a non-final, unauthorized copy of The Sims 3.
Purchasing and registering an official copy of The Sims 3 will entitle you to benefits including access to an entirely new game town called Riverview, 1000 SimPoints which can be redeemed for game objects in The Sims 3 Store, and access to The Sims 3 Exchange."
It seemed like I could disregard the message and press the play button but apparently, it would only turn the screen black and I am unable to play. D'=

I've read another post that has something similar to mine but in my case, it appeared after I downloaded custom content where as the other person appeared when he tried to reinstall sims 3 due to lag issues related to custom content. Do I have to uninstall EVERYTHING(like all my base game and EPs, take out my oodles of custom content) and redo the whole thing? =( Or is there a solution to this? ^__^


Edit 1: I also tried redoing the Ultimate Fix! No luck. ='(
Well, actually, I only did the crack folder. I'm going to try the others.

Edit 2: Actually, nevermind. I'll just wait for help. Don't want to mess up.


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Re: Non-final Unauthorized copy of sims 3

Post by antiskub on Tue 01 Jan 2013, 17:36

Follow all of the instructions in the Ultimate Fix.

(Also, if you know what CC it was, delete/uninstall it.)
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