DmC (Possible Spoilers)

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DmC (Possible Spoilers)

Post by kenku on Wed 09 Jan 2013, 09:38

Some of the stuff I will post here may be considered spoilers for some. Note that anything I say will be nothing aside from game trailers and cyber hear-say from websites like GameInformer, Gamespot, etc.
First, for all you DmC, Devil May Cry, fans, I wanted to ask what your opinion of the new Dante is?
I know a lot of people are saying he is a total emo now from just his looks. In the trailers I have watched Dante doesn't say much, but what I have heard him say is makes me think not emo. So this is supposedly an overhaul on the dmc franchise, I am hoping I am not wrong. Some games could use an overhaul. Personally I liked the cocky Dante from DmC 3.
So the game is coming out Tuesday the 15 of January and I plan on getting it. They seem to have brought back the combat styles which is a big plus. I was soo disappointed in DmC 4 when they didn't have it but I have come across a worse decision in this genre of games.
If you played Ninja Gaiden 3 when it first released, they had taken out extra weapons from the game. If I remember correctly it was a sword, a bow, and I think a better sword later for plot reasons or something. I found out later the other weapons were DLC only. At least DmC 4 didn't dangle candy in front of anyone.
So they revamped the game and Dante has a new look. The biggest thing I noticed is his hair is black now not white. His brother once again makes his appearance. A caption on a trailer said that you could unlease devastating combos with your brother. From what I seen was something like a cinamatic cutscene from Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2. Saying something like that would be awesome if you could switch between characters mid combo or even better would be a co-op mode online or system-link. Mediocre would be split screen lol cause I don't like sharing my 52" screen.
Another aspect is you unleash angel and demon powers. If you know anything about DmC, you know dante is part demon on his fathers side. Never before have I seen anything about him having angelic powers. I did not play DmC 1 and it may have the answer there but I doubt it. I did read the DmC books, some of them cause at one point they stopped releasing them in the us or just stopped making them I forget which. I also watched the DmC anime which was only like 10 episodes and I do not recall his mother being an angel. I am pro-revamping games but to a degree. Him obtaining angelic powers in this upcoming game fine. His background being altered to put angelic ancestery into his life kinda ruins the story for me.
So fans tell me what your thoughts are. Even if your not a fan how about your input on overhauling game franchises. Are you ProOverhaul or AntiOverhaul and why?
Like I said, I am ProOverhaul to an extent. I.E. You got too many sequels with too much time inbetween them along with too much information as to what happened between sequels without another installment of the game being the represent it. Overhaul it so you can add more too it. Don't make it like the marvel universe of comics. I swear everytime my friend tells me to read one a superhero died and the same hero from a different dimension has appeared to take his place. Awesome but now what will the other universe do I mean seriously they sure took their sweet time with "DC The New 52". lol

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