Can't update to 1.47 even with ultimate fix :( [SOLVED]

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Can't update to 1.47 even with ultimate fix :( [SOLVED]

Post by clurissa on Wed 16 Jan 2013, 05:21

hello hi so just like most people I received the update to 1.47 and tried downloading it but received an invalid file error so i decided to download the ultimate fix and still received the file error, then i went for the manual patch which downloaded to my computer fine but now when i try opening the patch, i get an error message that says:
I think this has something to do with program compatibility, i have windows 7 and so since it says windows vista i tried going to properties and changing its compatibilities but nothing! i've searched through the forums and can't find a solution Sad please help as i would like to have the latest update!!
If you need to know, the only retail game i have is the sims 3 base game, all of my ep are torrents and the last one i downloaded before having this problem was supernatural.


I solved this problem myself so never mind on the help. I'm guessing it
downloaded incorrectly because I tried re-downloading the patch and this
time everything worked.
Thank you, anyway.

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Re: Can't update to 1.47 even with ultimate fix :( [SOLVED]

Post by Webmaster on Thu 17 Jan 2013, 20:40


Sorry for the late reply!
Glad to hear you solved it though.
It's indeed caused by a corrupt patch/download. Unfortunately that happens sometimes. Usually re-downloading the patch (using a different browser preferably) should do the trick.

Enjoy the game and please let us know if you need more assistance!



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