Will subsequent expansion/stuff packs interfere?

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Will subsequent expansion/stuff packs interfere?

Post by dim0vski on Fri 18 Jan 2013, 00:08

Quote from the guide:
2. After you've installed all the games you want, download and apply this manual patch
So, let us that a new expansion/stuff pack is released. Is it necessary to do the whole process all over again(re-installing everything), and if it isn't done so, will it conflict with the game's probability of running?


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Re: Will subsequent expansion/stuff packs interfere?

Post by Webmaster on Fri 18 Jan 2013, 11:35


If a you want to install a new expansion pack, the first thing to do is just installing it, without applying ANY "# Crack" folders. Just install the game.
After that test the game. If it works, it works. If it didn't work, re-doing step 3 and 4 should do the trick: http://games4theworld.bestgoo.com/t1171-must-read-how-to-install-the-sims-3-correctly (Read: RE-DOWNLOAD the Ultimate Fix!)

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