Mass Effect 1/2 questions.

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Mass Effect 1/2 questions.

Post by Threadmiser on Mon 21 Jan 2013, 08:13

I've combed through others problems as best I can but I can't find anything addressing this specifically. I have two basic questions: 1) Does this install include the ME1 DLC? I didn't see a separate data file for it so I'm a little up in the air on it. 2) How would I import my ME1 character into your ME2? The usual file shenanigans I had to pull for the Steam copy don't appear to work normally so I'd appreciate a little insight.

I'm really hoping to get a full play-through of the series this time without mucking about in Origin, which ate my old Steam saves, and is generally a steaming pile of DRM poo.


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Re: Mass Effect 1/2 questions.

Post by Adwomin on Tue 22 Jan 2013, 16:53


No, it shouldn't have the DLC included.
As for the importing, I can remember someone doing it a while ago, but I can't exactly remember how. Try this first, please:

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