The Sims 3 - Create a Sim freezing issue... tried Everything...

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The Sims 3 - Create a Sim freezing issue... tried Everything...

Post by Kablamoo on Mon 21 Jan 2013, 22:45

As the subject suggests... I have just installed all the packs I want, in the correct way, as per the instructions... I have applied the patch, the fix... the game loads up fine! When I go to create a Sim Family though, it eventually freezes...

I have read countless threads about this issue, and there have been suggestions such as reinstalling everything (Done) using things like gamebooster (Done) turning GFX down and playing in Windowed mode (Done) turning off DEP (Done) ... I have tried other things too...

My laptop is way beyond the required spec, and I have played Sims 3 on and off for a year with no problems! As soon as I installed Supernatural this starts happening... the computer starts to get really hot, and I wondered if it was my RAM that was the issue...

my specs are

i5 - 2410M
4GB Ram

but even if the Ram is an issue, it makes no sense when the game has run absolutely perfectly before...

I really need some assistance here guys, it's driving me nuts.


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