Game wont launch at all

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Game wont launch at all

Post by TotaMariee on Tue 22 Jan 2013, 21:04

I just installed your Seasons expansion pack for Sims 3 from the pirate bay, and when it was intalling, it told me to update the game first, so i did. It then came up with some error and stopped the installation from continuing. I tried it again 2 times and I got the same error. I then restarted my PC and tried it again, and it worked fine. After following through with the rest of the guide, I clicked to launch the game at it game me the error: Unable to start. Please reinstall the base game.

I have all of the expansion packs except Supernatural (and Seasons which i jsut got from you) and all the stuff packs except the Diesel stuff. I downloaded the game as a whole package with the stuff packs and expansion packs from BlackBox and it worked fine without a problem till now when i've installed Seasons and it gives me this error now. HELP? I'll be real pissed if I lost all my game play Sad


I just system restored, check my already installed sims 3 packages and
it all worked as normal. Deleted all the Seasons files except the rar,
and starte the whole process again. When i open the installer it tells
me It needs to update before i can install it, so I let it up date... 5
minutes or so later it tells me the update was corrupted or somthing and
the installation could not continue and closes it all. I then tried to
open my sims 3 launcher and I get the "Unable to start. Please reinstall
base game" error. Whats up with this?? Sad Im starting to get withdrawal symptoms now (i'm a sims addict lol)


Is it possibly because i'm trying to install Seasons when I have later packs installed already?

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Re: Game wont launch at all

Post by t2sink on Wed 23 Jan 2013, 04:41

Blackbox is a modified installer, and a lot of people have the problem you are having when trying to add to it, it doesn't work because your system doesn't think there is a base game installed.

The normal way we suggest is just to uninstall the BlackBox version completely and download everything you want from us, since having unmodified versions of stuff is a lot easier to deal with.

I was away a bit so haven't noticed if hexorcist Registry Helper can help with the BlackBox version, no idea how much the BlackBox version changes and such though.

Don't worry all your gameplay should be saved to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3, so just made sure you do a backup of it before uninstalling.
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