Everything went wrong

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Everything went wrong

Post by bijoux3 on Fri 25 Jan 2013, 06:37

I am on a Macbook Pro, the newest version to come out (without retina display) and I have all the necessary requirements, before I go any further. All of my serious problems have been bolded to make it easier.

I have done literally everything. I had downloaded the game four times with the Ultimate Fix, and on the fifth try I did not use it and my game finally worked, so the Ultimate Fix does not work for me. I want to outline that before it's suggested. I had all the expansions and stuff packs, but I would frequently get Debug errors, or exception errors. The number always changed, but it would always happen. I downloaded X11, and the errors came MUCH less. I figured I'd reached the promised land. But then everything started falling apart again when I was prompted to download the devil, the horrible patch 1.47. I did it. And my game was ruined. I decided to uninstall and start over. I usually got the errors when I used CAS but I was determined to make a new family for my new game so I took out all my custom content and mods, and began anew. I started with a brand new Sims 3 folder as well. Combined all my mods into one package, and everything started running better than I'd ever seen. Again I'd thought I reached the promised land. Again I was wrong. I was prompted to download another store update, which was weird since I'd downloaded one a day or two ago but I did it. When it was done, I started to play but my neighborhood was gone. I no longer got a prompt of my mods. I closed the game and started the launcher, and found that all my custom content both downloaded and not were gone. In the EA folder however, everything was accounted for. I tried to create a new folder, but it simply would not create. The game would run without a folder. It wouldn't create a new one. I would create a neighborhood, save and quit and still not find a folder. I uninstalled and reinstalled, no new folder, and now I get an unknown error occured.

I don't know what to do anymore. Everytime I try and redownload now my .dmg files for the expansion packs now say they are damaged and what not, and for some god awful reason my disk utility is faulty and keeps refusing to make new .dmgs because of an array of problems, it's like my computer is working against me and I just don't know what to do. Please, please, Help


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