Help: Installation Problem

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Help: Installation Problem

Post by einaframe on Tue 29 Jan 2013, 06:27

I'm currently trying to install Sims3: World Adventure and wanting to install all expansions and stuffs if possible Smile and i need help because i'm stuck in STEP 5 of Sims3: World Adventure Instruction because of some "update region error" something.. anyways here is what i've been doing so you could tell me if i've done something wrong..

- Installed Sims 3 base game. Working fine.. cause i've been playing it while waiting for the World Adventure in torrent

- Done downloading and now extracting the Sims 3: World Adventure in a new folder named 'Installer' (i don't know where to extract.. not mentioned in any instructions so i extract it anywhere)

- Follow the instructions one by one.. first step done

- apparently i skipped #2 Facepalm (look at the picture)

- Step 3.. doing fine even if i don't understand any words in it confused

- Step 4.. already done.. copy-paste and replace is a piece of cake Surprised

- Step 5.. this is where the problem starts Facepalm
"Now open the 'Crack 3' folder and start the 'Sims3_1.2.7.00002_from_1.0.631.00002.exe' patch"
i did and this is what i got Mad

any idea how to solve this error? thanks for taking time reading my report Smile hoping to see some useful replies out there Help
by the way here's a pic of my dxdiag:


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Re: Help: Installation Problem

Post by Webmaster on Wed 30 Jan 2013, 21:03

Hello there,

Sorry for the late reply!
First of all, read this:
And note that you may skip all "# Crack" folders!

As for the SKU, read this:

Good luck and please let us know if you need any help during the process!



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