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  1. Sat 23 Jun 2018, 14:56
    Message by GummyPop - help plz...
    Theres no mod or admin that can help me right now...and I'm running out of ideas on how to fix it cause i have no idea what I did wrong..I just did what I always do info for teamviewer is on the post Sad
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    Fri 22 Jun 2018, 18:35
    Message by Tarac - Spanish, Dutch, German and French
    Look HERE
    Downlod, extract with Winrar and copy all folders to your installfolder (the one you used for the torrent)
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    Fri 22 Jun 2018, 18:19
    Message by juanjose84 - Spanish Strings for Sims 4 with Seasons
    Hey! I don't now if it is possible, but could you please help me with the spanish files for the sims 4? I think with my saves, I can't play in english. Thank you!

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